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   The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision…. Maimonides

January is here, and we get to make those New Year’s Resolutions! Well, how do you come up with a good new year’s insurance topic? What makes it a subject of insurance? What is relevant to life is how I look at it. Well, Insurance can help you when you need to be aware of the risk in a person’s life. One example is going without any medical coverage. Since that is my last month’s topic, I am going with the one certain insurance policy every human should have.  The one absolute risk we all face as humans on this large rock is death. I know few people want to think or discuss the subject, yet  LIFE INSURANCE is a gift of LOVE!  Moreover, life insurance is a commitment and more than just a way to offset risk.

Life Insurance can mean more to a loved one than you will ever know. It is an entirely unselfish act of leaving a legacy. Ask yourself do you want your home protected? Will a child be able to have a college education? What about an organization you love that you would remember? The statistics for the USA show that over 70% of the population under 65 or underinsured. If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, please have a professional quote you with an affordable solution.

 If you have a professional life insurance advisor see them yearly. Make sure you have all the necessary coverage for your needs.

Here are a few tips on Life Insurance

·       There are two main types of Life insurance. The first is term life which provides temporary coverage. Usually 10, 20, to 30 years. So at age 36 which is a set time of a 30-year life policy. The plan terminates the coverage on your 66th birthday.

·       The other type is permanent coverage, which provides coverage for the rest of life. Many call this whole life. In this category or Universal life plans as well.

·       Both of these main categories have different kinds of policies. More than I have room to discuss. 

Term life focuses on affordability. Many folks call this mortgage protection insurance. Insurance policies like these term plans were the standard. Term plans were the cycle and culture in the USA in the fifties up until the late nineties. A couple would buy a home or, start a family and that meant, you would get married and call your local insurance professional. Times have changed, but the need for protection is still around even if it is the 21st century. The risk is involved in every decision we make.

 The need for a qualified benefit professional increase when you are looking for what can be one of your biggest decisions.

 How much personal insurance do you need and how do you space the insurance to fit into your budget. One big suggestion when you decide on a life policy, you need to keep it. Every minute of every day your age and rating goes up in price. The big problem we face today is people waiting until their health is an issue. The underwriting questions today with many of the A+ companies limit a large segment of the population from being eligible for coverage.


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Before you Leave.

"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less."

- C.S.Lewis,Mere Christianity


Hopefully, you have enjoyed my recent articles for insurance. I apologize for not having them in the magazine for the last two issues. I was out of town and traveling to receive an award that was humbling and was extremely unexpected. Being a finalist in Selling Benefit magazine for May for Broker of the year award in 2015. To be thfirst in the state of Georgia for this national honor, was remarkable as I retired in 2002 and had assumed that my business career after 29 years was over. I believe God had something else in mind. I came back to my birth state in 2009. Georgia was definitely on my mind after I had left in 1975 after graduating from West Georgia College.

Obedience to
our, Lord can sometimes be hard to understand. This past Sunday my pastor, Dr. Kevin Williams gave the best explanation that when we feel the Lord calling we need to answer. It was a wonderful expository and an impactful message. As an insurance professional building, a practice takes time and patience. It also takes a calling. My past business career was marketing companies and products. Products that you can feel, touch and even smell. Insurance in my humble opinion should not be sold. It should not be a slick sales job or a slick selling pitch.I believe you sell clothes, cars, gadgets, houses and all the stuff we desire in status symbol land.Insurance especially insurance for humans has no sex appeal, nor status symbol significance.Take life insurance, it's never going to do anything for the insured. Nada, nothing, zilch, so here's what I say to clients "is there anything or anybody you Love?" If the answer is NO, then don't bother to call an insurance professional. On the flip side offering insurance solutions especially medical and health plans can be very rewarding to the agent and the individual or family. I have seen as a certified PPACA agent, I have gotten a lot of joy from seeing families getting health coverage for the first time in their lives. Hard to believe that we have people in the USA, that have never had a physician.Many of these people had to submit to be humbled and receive a subsidy for them and the family to have affordable health care.It takes obedience to submit to need help and receive help. If you are part of the 80% who still have not sought health care coverage then please act on obedience to help you and your family this year during the November, enrollment period.


Vic Troncalli offers "FREE INSURANCE COUNSELING" for medical, health, and life plans. He can be reached at or 678-941-3248.


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